Bonus Blackjack
Strategy 25-11-2019

Craps, Understanding the Odds Bet Payout

At some point, even a casual craps player will take some time to try a figure out the mathematical aspects of the game. But before you get your calculator out understand this; no matter how you play the house has an overall edge. There is no betting strategy, no hedging strategy that will change the […]

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Online slot strategy
Strategy 17-10-2019

Basic Online Slots Strategy

If you are a new slots player, you may think that there has to be a way to beat the game. Unfortunately, most slot machine games both online and offline give the house some kind of edge meaning that the house, or the casino, will come out ahead in the long run. This article is […]

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Easy baccarat strategy
Strategy 11-10-2019

Basic Baccarat Strategy For Beginners

Baccarat is a very popular game, due in large part to the fact that is relatively easy to play. If you want a change from blackjack or roulette or any of the other well-known casino games, baccarat is a great choice. Most of the best online casinos offer the game in real money versions, some […]

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Ante Up 21 Blackjack
Strategy 11-10-2019

Simple Video Poker Strategy

There are thousands of online casinos that offer video poker for your enjoyment. Each casino offers a different selection of video poker games, but the object of the games remain the same. The player will be challenged to create specific hands with the cards that are provided. Instead of trying to beat players sitting around […]

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Online slots winning strategy
Strategy 11-10-2019

Winning Strategy For Online Slots

Playing online slots can be a tricky thing. Some people are saying that there is no strategy involved in slot machine games and that there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning since everything is based on luck. Well we say that things are not quite like that. There are some […]

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Blackjack Card Counting
Strategy 16-09-2019

Blackjack Card Counting, Does It Work?

In this article we look at counting cards in Blackjack. This is a complete guide and a lot read, we go through how the system workd and importantly how to do it. Blackjack always has been a popular game at casinos. Its popularity didn’t explode until the 1970s, though, when professional players and mathematicians began […]

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Strategy 15-09-2019

Simple Blackjack Strategy For Beginners

Learning blackjack strategy can seem overwhelming to beginners, because so much involves charts and probabilities and even arcane tactics such as trying to count cards. In reality, there are a few simple rules for playing any kind of blackjack that will help you win a great deal of the time. You can also use this […]

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