Play Real Money 3 Card Poker Online In India

Play 3 card poker online for real money in India and claim big bonuses from casinos. One of the very best and most popular casino card games, 3 card poker is loved the World over and is extremely popular in India due to its similar hands and rules which are closely related to Teen Patti.

3 Card Poker is a casino poker variation, pitting player against the dealer The dealer acts as the house in Tri Card Poker. To begin the hand, each player must make an ante bet within the range of the 3 Card Poker tables stakes. Additionally, a player may place a bet on the pair plus, which pays a bonus when the player is dealt a hand containing a pair or higher. The pair plus bet is optional in 3 Card Poker.

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How To Play 3 Card Poker Online

Once each player places the ante and pair plus bets, the dealer distributes three cards to each player. The cards are dealt face down. The players then look at their hand and may choose to call or fold. In the event the player chooses to fold, he forfeits his ante. Should a player decide to call, he places a bet in the play circle. This call must be of equal value to the 3 Card Poker players ante.

Play moves around the table, starting from the dealers left and working clockwise until each 3 Card Poker player has the opportunity to act on their respective hands.

Once player action completes, the 3 Card Poker dealer discloses his hand. In 3 Card Poker, the dealer’s hand must meet a minimum of Queen high in order to qualify. In the event the dealer fails to qualify, the ante and play bets are returned to the remaining players as a push

Should the dealer have a qualifying hand, the 3 Card Poker dealers hand is shown down against each 3 Card Poker player at the table individually. The dealer pays even money on the ante and play bets for those players who possess a higher 3 Card Poker hand than the dealer while collecting the ante and play wagers from those players who fail to defeat the dealer in a showdown.

3 Card Poker Pair Plus Bet

The pair plus bet pays out a bonus amount to players who have placed a pair plus bet and possess a hand ranking at a pair or better. While the ante and play bets in 3 Card Poker pay out even money, the payout of the pair plus bet varies based on the strength of the player’s hand. Moreover, the pair plus pay out independent of the dealer’s ability to qualify. Furthermore, a player may collect any pair plus bets he is entitled to even if the dealer holds a superior hand.

In the game, the pair plus bet pays even money on pairs. The 3 Card Poker pair plus line pays three to one for flushed hands while paying six to one on hands that make a three-card straight. Should a player be dealt with trips, the player receives a thirty to one payday on his three of a kind 3 Card Poker Hand. A player holding a straight flush is rewarded at a rate of forty to one on his pair plus bet at the 3 Card Poker table.

As a rule of thumb, players should fold their hand if the value of their hand is below Queen, Six, Four. This fold range takes into consideration the 3 Card Poker dealer must possess Queen high in order to qualify. Consequently, players should play hands ranking Queen, Six, Four and higher.