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You can signup to a real money casino and play Baccarat online in India. Play in rupees and real money while you try your luck against the dealer for cash.

Baccarat is traditionally a high stakes casino game of chance. The online baccarat table can accommodate over 10 players at a time, which makes the game seem a lot more action-packed than it really is.

The online baccarat table is about the same size as a craps table, but baccarat is a lot simpler to play then craps. In online baccarat, the only thing you need to do is bet on the banker or the player to win. Generally, the banker is supposed to win 3-4 more hands per shoe then the player so keep this in mind when betting.

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All About The Game

The highest valued hand that the banker or the player can have is a nine so this is what you are looking for when playing online baccarat. The values of each of the cards in the deck are listed below so that you will be able to do your own calculations.

One thing you need to understand when calculating the cards is that you can never have a hand with a higher value than 10. For instance, if the banker is dealt a nine and a five the total is not 14, but instead, the total is four. Whenever the total is 10 or over you just subtract 10 from the total.

To start a hand of online baccarat the dealer will deal out two cards to the banker and two cards to the player. The player who bet the most on the player side will be able to look at the two cards dealt. Once the player looks at the cards, they will send them back to the dealer. The dealer will then flip over both hands.

In some instances, the banker or the player hand will be able to receive a third card. There are strict rules in place to determine whether one of the hands is allowed to receive a third card. If an additional card is necessary, the dealer will be told to do so by the game operator.

If the player stands, then the banker hits when his hand totals five or less. Moreover, the banker hits in certain circumstances upon a player taking an additional card. The third card dictates whether the banker also hits. The banker hit chart considers both the value of the player’s third card and the score of the banker’s hand.

As mentioned earlier the objective of online baccarat is to have the hand closest to nine. If you bet on the banker and the banker wins the hand then you will be paid out 1:1 on your bet although you are required to pay a 5% commission on your winnings.

If you bet on the player hand to win and you win the bet then you will also be paid out 1:1, however the win in free of commission when betting on the player in baccarat.

Baccarat is a popular and fast-paced high stakes casino game of chance. Baccarat players may bet on either the player or banker and profit or lose accordingly.

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