Play Craps Online Real Money India

Can you play craps online for real money in India? YES, you can and the below casinos offer a bonus to get you started playing craps for real cash. Craps is a loud, fast-paced, and exciting casino game, which involved a set of dice. While the house maintains an edge in each casino game of chance, craps players have the ability to purchase the correct odds and even have the opportunity to bet with the house, which is referred to as wrong way betting.

Before we take a look at the game of Craps and how it’s played, take a look at the below list of online casinos in India where you can enjoy playing craps online for real. You can also play for free and test your skills. Nothing, however, beats the thrill of playing for real money, and with a casino bonus added to your first deposit, it’s a great way to get started.


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Craps Rules, Betting & How To Play Guide

The game of Craps is best broken into two phases. The first phase can be referred to as the coming out roll, where the shooter establishes a point. Once the point is established in Craps, the shooter rolls until he hits the established point or rolls a seven.

Coming Out

During the coming out phase of the craps game, the players betting on the shooter are rewarded if the player rolling the dice rolls a seven or eleven. Should a two, three or twelve occur during the coming out roll, the right way bettors lose, as the shooter has rolled craps?

Right way bettors place money on the pass line during the coming out roll while wrong-way bettors are live on the don’t pass line. Wrong-way bettors are rewarded in an opposite manner, whereas craps rolls reward the don’t pass bettor, while seven and eleven causes wrong-way bettors to lose.

Once the shooter establishes a point (which is a number other than two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve), the come-out roll ends.

After the Point is Established

Once the shooter establishes the point, the roll continues until the shooter rolls either a seven or rolls the point. Should the shooter roll a seven, the right to roll is passed to the next shooter on the left. In the event the shooter hits his point, the game reverts to the coming out phase.

When the point is hit, the front line is paid and the wrong way bettors lose. If a seven occurs, all front line bets are lost and the wrong way bettors win. During this phase of the Craps game, players may place many types of bets, which are won and lost dependant upon the value of the dice.

Types of Bets in Online Craps

Pass Line Bets are placed when the bettor believes the shooter will make point. Don’t pass bets are made when the bettor believes the shooter will roll a seven before hitting point. The pass and don’t pass bets are placed prior to the establishing of a point. Payout on the pass and don’t pass bets vary dependant upon the point, as well as the odds purchased.

Come Bets are placed after point is established. When placing a come bet, if the next occurrence is seven or eleven, the bet pays out, while losing on instances of two, three, and twelve. Should another number occur, the bet is moved to said number. If this number occurs before a seven is rolled, the come bet pays out. Should a seven occur first, this bet loses.

Don’t Come Bet is the polar opposite of the come bet, working and paying opposite of the come bet.

Place Bets “After the point is rolled, you can place a bet on numbers four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten. You will notice these numbers are also the numbers in which point may be established upon. In order to win a place bet, the placed number must occur prior to the occurrence of a seven.

One Time and Proposition Bets in Online Craps

Field Bets “This bet is a one-roll bet and you are betting on a single roll to be a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve. If the roll is any of these numbers then you win. The bet is lost upon the occurrence of any other number.

Any Craps  A one-roll bet that pays should craps occur (two, three, twelve).

Any Seven One roll bet banking on a seven occurring in the next roll.

Eleven This is a one-roll bet and you win the bet if an eleven is rolled.

Horn Bet This bet is a single roll bet and you’ll win if a two, three, eleven or twelve.

Hardway Betting in Online Craps

Hardways “You can wager on four different hard way bets including four, six, eight, ten. In order to win the sum must occur by way of doubles. This bet loses in the event a seven is rolled, as well as when a value is rolled in easy way fashion for the number bet upon.