Play Video Poker Online For Real Money in India

Play Video Poker online for real money and claim a bonus in Rupees. On this page, we look at the best casinos where you play video poker for real cash. We also look at how to play and hopefully how to win.

Video Poker is an extremely popular casino game that is played individually similar to a slot machine. Unlike the slots, however, video poker relies upon math and skill for a video poker player to turn a consistent profit. From a strategic standpoint, it is important to remember that video poker strategy differs from standard poker strategy, as often the object of video poker is to possess a minimal hand. As a result, it is often unwise to draw in a manner similar to how one would draw in a standard game of poker.

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How To Play Video Poker & Different Games

Video Poker machines vary in stakes, but typically allow variance of the stakes from one to five credits per play. Worth noting is the fact that most video poker machines feature a variation in payout dependant upon the number of credits played. Moreover, while most video poker games are played using the guidelines to draw poker play, there are many variations of video poker games.

Each video poker game features its own payout table and specific rules in regards to the presence and use of wild cards. We will look at some of the most common variations of video poker games now.

Deuces Wild and Bonus Deuces Wild

Bonus deuces wild is a video poker variation, where players must achieve three of a kind or better by way of draw poker rules. The bonus deuces wild video poker game offers one of the most profitable rates of return to video poker players. In the bonus deuces wild game, play begins with a 52-card deck.

A royal flush pays 800 to 1 in bonus deuces wild, and as the name suggests, twos may be used as a wild card. By way of comparison, in the non-bonus version (simply named Deuces Wild), such odds are only achieved when playing max coins (five credits).

In this variation of video poker, it is often unwise to chase straight draws without other supporting draws, as payout for the straight is five to one. However, if the straight draw is combined with a flush draw, then freely chase away, as the flush pays three to one, while a straight flush rewards nine to one payout.

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is a variation of video poker in which a player must have a hand such as jacks or better to qualify or win. There are several variations of bonus poker, many of which incorporate a wild card, as bonus poker does not use a wild card. Moreover, in bonus poker, a pair of tens does not pay, while jacks or better pay even money.

There are several variants of bonus poker, which feature slightly adjusted rules and payouts. For example, bonus poker deluxe pays even money on two pair, while bonus poker pays two to one on hands valued at two pair. Double bonus poker pays five to one on a straight while paying seven to one on a flush, while bonus poker pays out four to one on a straight and five to one on a flush.

Yet another variation of bonus poker, known as Double Double Bonus Poker, pays out a mere fifty to one on straight flushes, yet awards a four hundred to one payday on quad aces with a kicker of two-three or four.

Variations such as Double Jackpot Poker, as well as double double jackpot poker, prove similar in payout variation. These games vary in how they payout instances of quad aces through quad jacks, with double-double jackpot poker paying 160 to one, while double jackpot poker pays anywhere from forty to one up to 160 to one, depending on the kicker card.

Loose Deuces Poker is similar in nature to jackpot poker, with an added twist. Should a player receive quad deuces, he is paid five hundred to one, while quads pay four to one. Moreover, a royal flush in loose deuces pays out three hundred to one, except for in the five-coin play, where it pays eight hundred to one. However, a royal with the use of a wild card (a deuce), rewards players at a twenty-five to one rate.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or better video poker requires a pair better than jacks to collect winnings. Like other varieties of video poker, jacks or better poker follows the draw poker format for video poker play. Jacks or Better video poker has some interesting variations. While the traditional jacks or better poker game is played single-handed, other varieties of jacks or better allow for multiple hand play, such as featured in 3-hand jacks or better, as well as the ten-hand jacks or better and the fifty-two hand jacks or better video poker games.

In each of the multi-handed jacks or better varieties, the video poker player receives a single hand to act upon. Once he has decided which cards to keep, the kept cards are distributed amongst multiple hands. Each hand draws from the deck and pays accordingly.

The same can be said for Joker Poker, which is another popular video poker game. In joker poker, the joker card is wild, and kings or better qualifies a player for a payday. Joker Poker is additionally available in the one handed variation, as well as the three-hand joker poker, ten-hand joker poker, and fifty-two hand joker poker varieties.

Online Video poker is a fun, and mechanical way to play poker. As you can clearly see, video poker comes in many variations, differing in the use of a wild card, as well as in payout. Be certain to review the rules to your specific video poker game before playing a hand of video poker so that you may adopt the most profitable video poker strategy for the specific video poker game of choice.