Basic Online Slots Strategy

Online slot strategy

If you are a new slots player, you may think that there has to be a way to beat the game. Unfortunately, most slot machine games both online and offline give the house some kind of edge meaning that the house, or the casino, will come out ahead in the long run.

This article is well worth reading to get an understanding of how slots work before you play real money online slots in India. having some knowledge about any game is always a good thing.

There are always tons of people claiming that they have figured out a winning system for playing slot machine games, but the truth of the matter is, that slot machine games are run on RNG(random number generators), meaning that the spins are always random and there is no way to know what the next spin may hold.

That being said, there are many things you can do to make sure that you are not giving the house any bonuses. Below are some of the most important strategies to remember when playing a slot machine whether in an online casino or in a real life brick and mortar casino.

Avoid Any Winning Systems

When playing slots, many people will play by a system or a certain strategy î but in all reality that is probably the worst idea because truthfully there is no winning systems for slots because it is a gameof puree luck! There are many people out there who will try and persuade others that there are winning systems, but in all reality, there isnt any type of winning systems out there as mentioned above.

Always keep in mind that the house always will have an edge over you and will maintain the upper hand most of the time.

It is easy to think you have beaten the game when you go on a winning streak, but you can’t win forever, just because you won this time, the symbols that come up on the next spin will be randomly picked. The truth of it all is that all of the winning systems are null and void because of the RNG, plus, slots were created and are meant for entertainment purposes only.

Only Play Slot Machines With the Best Payouts

When playing slot machines you will always want to look for the machines with the best payouts because its sure to land you on top in the end!

A lot of online slot machines now days have a payout rate at about 95-99% which is not too bad at all! For example, if you are ever playing a 99% payout penny machine every time that you bet 100 bucks you will only lose 1 dollar.

Do keep in mind that the machines with 99% payouts are normally 1 dollar and higher machines, however, many people believe that machines with bet increments of 5 dollars or higher have the best and highest range of percentage payouts.

You may actually notice that the payout percentages will decline as the slot machine becomes less expensive from those 1 dollar machines, followed by the amazing 50 cent and quarter machines as well as the much-loved nickel machines!

Whenever you see a sign that says 98% payback that is referring to the loose machines that are available and over long periods of time the machine will pay out 98 cents for each dollar you insert and play!

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Always Keep Your Bankroll in Mind

When you are playing any game, especially slots, you will want to set an amount of money (or a bankroll) so that you do not lose more than you can afford.

Most people make a huge mistake when they first starting playing slots because they will allow an infinite amount of money to be played for each session.

It doesnít matter how long you have been playing, or how long you plan on playing, you will always want to set yourself a limit. Now, the next problem people have with limits is not sticking to them.

Both winning and losing players are often known to play more than they intended. When winning, players want to keep going, but when losing they also want to keep going because they believe that eventually that game will pay. However, as mentioned time and time again, slot games are random and for entertainment only.

Not only do you need to set an amount that you won’t spend more than, but set an amount that if you win that much you will walk away.

Always Understand the Slot Machine Game You Are Playing

Each slot machine available contains its own rules, so the very first thing to do is check those out before you even think about inserting change into the machine!

Each machine also differs in payouts and the payouts are normally based on the number of coins you bet and the symbols that appear on the reels.

People usually encourage people to bet the max but then some people say that when you bet less you end up winning more but as mentioned before slots is based on luck.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some machines will sometimes offer things known as proportional payouts another way to think of it as if for each win you have the machines you then pay back twice as much when you bet 2 coins and 3 times as much when you then bet at least 3 measly coins.

Although this seems like a great deal, you are not really winning more by betting more. Now if you were to find a slot machine game where the payout tripled between betting 1 and betting 2, this would be a good time to bet more than the minimum.

Even when betting the minimum amount of credits, you should always make sure to activate all of the pay lines to give you the most chances to win.

Understand Each Payline

When you are playing a slot machine game, one of the more important things to do is try and remember the paylines because each and every slot out there has different amounts and directions that roll along with the paylines!

Some of the video slots can contain up to 100 pay lines and it is very important that people understand the pay lines so that in the end you know what you are looking for when it comes to combinations and such!

Most people will play not only the maximum coins but as well as the maximum paylines because that is a sure way to cause and allow you the biggest win of the game!

When you sit and bet each and every line it will then give you the best chance of becoming a winner and betting the max of coins also provides you with a higher payout amount to play for.

As mentioned above, even if you find that it doesn’t pay more to bet multiple credits per payline, it is always a good bet to activate all of the available paylines.

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